Thursday, April 17, 2008

Three Brown Hens

My Three Rhode Island Red Pullets

Presenting the lovely ladies who have just taken up residence in the Palais de Poulets out back. They've been in the sun room for a week while we readied their abode. Introducing Hermione, the lightest coloured one- also a Miss Bossy Boots, Harriet who is the darkest brown of the three, and sadly Ron - who is reddish brown and is a tad.. er.. slow. I hate to speak ill of any of them, but I fed them a piece cucumber and instead of going for it, Ron started eating the pine shavings instead.

No eggs yet at twenty weeks old. Hurry up girls and earn your keep!


Aunt Jenny said...

I bet it won't be long at all until you start getting eggs...sunshine helps for sure.
I just love chickens and can't imagine life without at least a few!
I sure enjoyed your blog!!!

GardenGoose said...

congrats on the eggs. ours should start laying soo too..we got ours on we should start seeing eggs soon.