Sunday, April 13, 2008

Heart of a Farmgirl

What does being a Farmgirl mean? Gosh. Such an innocent title yet filled with so many meanings for different gals. For me it's blue wellies, brown hens, secret gardens, chocolate chip cookies, and just knowing when the peas are ready for picking. It's twirly skirts covered in practical aprons, and heads covered in hats with ribbons on them. It's old old houses, green, never-ending pastures, and maple sugar bushes steaming in snowy March.

But being a Farmgirl is so much more than that. I once saw a psychic (stay with me here, honest!) and she said something that stuck. She said I was 'salt of the earth'. I'd never really thought much about that expression, especially regarding myself so I did what I usually do, I looked it up. People who are 'salt of the earth' are people who are decent, dependable and unpretentious. And you know, that's what I think us Farmgirls are when you get deep down to it. We don't fall victim to the hurly burly of society tellin' us to do this and that. We just are what we are- and love it, pure and simple. If someone lined up all of us Farmgirls in a row, we'd be as different as day and night. One likes primitive art, one does barrel racing, and one crochets doilies but we are all there if we're needed and don't make a fuss about it. We're happy gettin' muddy, or pleased with just watching the birds in the trees. We all just know- without really knowing why- that we're all Farmgirls at heart.

I may live at an orchard now, but my heart always lies with the first farm in my life. The one that nurtured my Farmgirl heart. It's my Grandpa Alfie's farm. He was born in the house, and I'm sure that's where he'll spend the rest of his days. It's where I dug for treasure with a kitchen spoon in the old backyard midden and unearthed shards of blue and white china, it's where I used to explore endlessly and discover a thousand hidden nooks, it's where Pancake Day was in March at the Saloon in the sugar bush, and it's where I swung in the hayloft and ran from the bull's pen. It's given me a million happy memories that fill up my Farmgirl heart.

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GardenGoose said...

absolutely loved your post. yes we are all different..but all farmgirls in heart.
really enjoyed this post alot.

Jessica said...

I love reading about your story of being a farmgirl at heart and the photographs along with it. :)

madrekarin said...

What a lovely, sweet post. I am having so much fun reading about the farmgirls.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

You nailed it!!!! Yea, we are all different but the one thing that brings us together is being that 'FARMGIRL'. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

Elizabeth said...

You've said it all so perfectly! And the pictures to go with it are lovely. You make me want to get out in the garden right away - but we still have snow on the ground!

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Love the spice jars and pin cushions. Your blog is darlin'. RoseMarie

Ruth said...

I just wanted to say hello. I have recently joined the farmgirl blogathon and wanted to visit as many farmgirls as possible. I hope you can come visit me soon.