Friday, April 27, 2007

Diamond Sunbursts and Marble Halls

"So give me pearls for our troth ring, Gilbert,"

Almost a year ago my fella proposed to me in the little park at the end of our street. He knows me so well - no bended knee, no giant rock from the jeweller's at the mall- I wanted something as unique as the two of us. So, wonderful man that he is, he let me search for my perfect ring. I always knew I wanted an antique piece and have been looking since last May for a ring that would suit. I found it on Ebay (of all places!) last December but it had to be paid for, sent here, and then sized. Sizing proved quite an issue since I have extremely slim fingers - size 4-4.25! and the jeweller was nervous, for the ring's six diamonds are all old mine cut diamonds and four are held in rather precariously. He worried that bending it so much might cause the diamonds to pop out and perhaps ruin the shape of the ring. He bravely decided to give it a-go though and we told him to take all the time he needed. Today the ring finally came home to me and is happily on my hand as I type. It goes back soon for it's proper appraisal, but for now, I can admire it to my heart's content.

The Ring:
No provenance came with the ring when purchased so it has been a bit of a trick to find out all there is to know. So far I can tell you that it is yellow gold and white gold (possibly platinum??) with a natural pearl in the centre. It has a stylised floral design which hints at Art Nouveau, and has six old mine cut diamonds (possibly 1880's?). There were worn hallmarks on the inside and the jeweller said that it might have English origins but it was very hard to distinguish. If anyone has any info on a ring similar to this I would love to hear about it! For now, the sleuthing continues...

And of course, to my dear Fella - thank you so very much. With or without diamonds, you will always be the centre of my happiness.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Back to Work

Ladysmithin' today and boy, are my arms tired tonight.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Home A-bed

I have had the very great misfortune to be stuck at home the past few days as I have caught the most horrendous head cold. (So horrendous in fact I am already on my second box of tissues within two days!) Today I have crawled from the comforts of the bed to the couch where I've been laying in a nest of fluffy duvet and watching old and not-so-old movies on the television as well as plenty of British real estate programs. So far I have watched "The Sixth Inn of Happiness", "The Quick and the Dead", "Much Ado about Nothing", and "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". I don't know if my attention span will hold out much longer. Luckily, tonight I am saved from musicals and westerns as one of my favourite shows "Most Haunted" comes on soon.

Being home sick is no fun at all, is it? I feel guilty for not going into work, I can't concentrate enough to read anything - let alone focus on a crossword puzzle or something else equally engaging, between sneezes I notice all the housework that needs doing but have no desire to attempt it, and to top it off I am the world's worst napper. I'm sure a little sleep in the afternoon would help me mend but it'll never happen. The only time I can manage a nap is after an intercontinental flight - perhaps flying to France would help my stuffy nose? *grin*

In the picture you can see my little tea table fixed with a fresh pot of orange pekoe and a bowl of noodles for lunch, as well as my ever present box of tissues. A-choo!

Pretty Little Lettuces

Lettuce seedlings sprouting quite happily in a make-do greenhouse.