Monday, April 07, 2008

Practical and Pretty

It was an apron of all things that started me back into the Farmgirl way of living. Oh, I can't deny that I've always been abit *ahem* old fashioned for my age (a ripe old 25, mind you) but after going to university and being stuck in the city for five years, my country girl was in hiding. There was no fresh air, and no birdsong, save for the seagulls and crows around the rubbish bins. There was a lot of concrete and not a lot of green space to laze about on or go tramping across. There was nowhere to get your hands dirty, or muck about in rubber boots.

Lucky me, I found a job in a little tiny village beside the river and found a little house with a big backyard where I could hang a hammock. Finally! The country began to seep back into my life and happily I dug out my neglected sewing machine, and found the first pattern I would sew in over a decade. Sense and Sensibility's Edwardian Apron pattern was the perfect topper to protect me from flour, dust, and whatever else I managed to get into in a good day puttering about.

It's been over two years since I made that apron, and it's falling apart now. Worn thin from washing and wearing. The bias trim is falling off, and one pocket is hanging on for dear life, but I've got another apron in the works now, though I doubt the old one will ever be completely retired. The new one's a pretty number with a full skirt from the early fifties. It'll be yellow with soft pink trim. I have a collection of half aprons too, that I mostly wear doing dishes or cooking, but none can compare to the older full apron styles of long ago. So pretty, and so practical.

If you want to sew your own apron, check out MaryJanesFarm, she's got some really cute patterns, or read her Ideabook or Stitching Room book. They have patterns you can just take to the copy shop and make your own!

Ps. That picture of me wearing my favourite yellow apron was taken on vacation! Yep, I take it with me everywhere. That's me at the Huckleberry Tent and Breakfast - another fantastic Farmgirl business!


GardenGoose said...

love your apron!love the soft yellow color. thanks for sharing.
thanks for joining in the blog a thon too.

Beemoosie said...

What a beautiful story!!! I love how your apron even goes on vacation with you!

Jessica said...

That is a great story! Love reading your blog. :)

amy said...

i love the apron. i have been wanting to make an edwardian apron for a while.