Wednesday, May 07, 2008

WIFD Tuesday & Wednesday

Well, I missed posting on Monday - the Fella was out with the camera on a very special mission: getting my new car! You'll see it in today's picture :-)

Wednesday: Green linen skirt and green check blouse, H&M
Magenta tank top, beige jacket, and brown mary jane's.

Standing beside my new ride - a 1965 Volvo Amazon Wagon. Gorgeous!
(Finally, a reason to get my driver's license!)

Tuesday: Dark Denim Skirt, white blouse, yellow t-shirt,
mauve sweater, and vintage apron.
Action Shot! Busy cooking stir fry for supper. Yesterday I also planted potatoes,
weeded, and chased the chickens in my skirt :-)


Laura said...

Lovely outfit -- and LOVE the car! :-)

GardenGoose said...

lovely car and the outfits are so cute.

kim said...

Awesome car!!!
Dang, I have been out of town and missed this. grrr.
i have some new cute skirts....

Aren't you and the fella getting married soon?