Monday, February 12, 2007

Tomato Pin Cushions

I have to share my heirloom tomato pincushions. The good ladies over at the Sensibility board posted up the link below and their pictures of their own lovely handmade cushions. They looked so sweet I just had to make one - or two! You'll find the instructions over at Martha Stewart . I made mine from some scraps of Souleiado fabric I picked up in France a few years ago, and some leftover green felt from Christmas projects. They went together very quickly, and within an hour or so I had both done.


Tracey said...

Those are too cute! I was trying to read and look at the same time, and at first I thought you had a white tomato and one with spots... I really need to learn to focus :)

Cherry said...

I have been reading your little blog, and I think you and I have similar thoughts on many things. I found your blog while reading the farm girl site and saw a picture of you, which you said were your work clothes? What do you do? It is my dream to work in a historical village and dress like that everyday!

I am 26, and I really would like nothing more than to learn all about the old ways- and I could happily do that always.. except that I live in Toronto and actually know nothing about farm life but what I have learned through living museum visits.

Great pincushions by the way!

Sweetproserpina said...

Cherry! I'm so glad that you like my little blog. I'm doing my very best to keep it up this year. I'm glad we seem to have lots in common - I tried looking up your blog but to no avail. I'll try at MaryJane's.
You asked about work. I have a history degree and have worked at museums in the past but for the past few years I've worked at a national historic site that focuses on the Hudson's Bay Company, and the colonization of BC. I dress in 1850's clothing and am considered a Heritage Interpreter. It's not exactly living history- we learn certain skills for demos and things, but it's not first person. It is fun, but full time, so I never seem to have enough time to explore all my homemaking/farmgirl interests!
Don't be dismayed about living in the city. During uni I was stuck in Vancouver and while city life was exciting, I longed for the country. I'm always reading and researching things - my weakness are old or reprinted pioneer cookbooks and homekeeping books. I haven't gotten to the country yet, I live in a village right now, but we're getting there.

What living history museums have you been to? When I was little I used to volunteer (because my mum ran it) at Westfield Heritage Village just outside TO.

Looking forward to hearing more from you! Cheers - meg

Cherry said...
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Cherry said...

I have no blog- I meant to start one, but never did.

I collect old books/cookbooks too! As well as old china and old tintype photographs.

As for historical villages, I have been to Blackcreek village here in Toronto, as well as Kings Landing in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where I am originally from.

I am always teaching myself new needlecrafts or other old fashioned things if I can. I would love to wear old dresses everyday and just live that life. I am currently hoping to learn about different plants, herbs and their healing properties.

Anyway- enough of my going on, I am just so glad to finally hear from someone who is young and yet still interested in all of these things!

My name on the farmgirl site is mum2caden, but I haven't posted, as I am not a farmgirl at all and can't really compare to what all those women do- it just interests me. I would like to speak with you more, but I don't really want to leave my email here where everyone can see it. I will try to find another way, but I will continue reading your blog anyway, so I am sure you will hear from me again.