Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In Love With Church Sales

It is a well known fact that Church Rummage Sales are always the very best place to find things of quailty and good price. Since I have worked on weekends for the past few years it is practically impossible to steal away to one and find the treasures that are carefully laid out by the old church ladies. However! Last Saturday while I was walking to work I passed one of the oldest churches in the village and lo and behold the sale had just begun. I had ten minutes before I had to run up the hill to the site so I scooped up these little things for the house. Three 1930's picture frames (I much prefer the older ones, and am always on the look out for them) all for 1$, as well as a handful of vintage linens including three hankerchiefs, a lace doily, and two lace and embroidered cushion covers (perfect for the hammock) for 7$.

I wish I could have spent more time poking around, I didn't even get more than a glimpse at the pie table!

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GardenGoose said...

well, your church rummage sale was certainly better than the one's that I see around here that is for sure. lucky you to have been able to find something decent! the one's that I have been to in my area all have looked like things that actually should have been carted off to the dump..seriously!
so it does look like you found much better quality items than what can be had here at the church home garage and yard sales here are usually prety good though..but for some reason the church sales can wind up being duds.