Friday, April 13, 2007

Home A-bed

I have had the very great misfortune to be stuck at home the past few days as I have caught the most horrendous head cold. (So horrendous in fact I am already on my second box of tissues within two days!) Today I have crawled from the comforts of the bed to the couch where I've been laying in a nest of fluffy duvet and watching old and not-so-old movies on the television as well as plenty of British real estate programs. So far I have watched "The Sixth Inn of Happiness", "The Quick and the Dead", "Much Ado about Nothing", and "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". I don't know if my attention span will hold out much longer. Luckily, tonight I am saved from musicals and westerns as one of my favourite shows "Most Haunted" comes on soon.

Being home sick is no fun at all, is it? I feel guilty for not going into work, I can't concentrate enough to read anything - let alone focus on a crossword puzzle or something else equally engaging, between sneezes I notice all the housework that needs doing but have no desire to attempt it, and to top it off I am the world's worst napper. I'm sure a little sleep in the afternoon would help me mend but it'll never happen. The only time I can manage a nap is after an intercontinental flight - perhaps flying to France would help my stuffy nose? *grin*

In the picture you can see my little tea table fixed with a fresh pot of orange pekoe and a bowl of noodles for lunch, as well as my ever present box of tissues. A-choo!


~~Mikki Jo said...

So sorry your sick, I hope your feeling better soon. I just started sneezing earlier tonight, then came a headache, then chills, now my throat is sore. Grrrrr, sounds like I'm going to be in for it. My son is just getting over a bad cough and sore throat, I'll blame him on this one. Have a good weekend with plenty of rest.

kim said...

Get well soon!

Sweetproserpina said...

Thanks ladies! I am firmly on the mend now - thank goodness. Mikki, I hope you feel better soon!

Elizabeth said...

Well, at least you've got a MaryJane's Farm magazine, and a tissue box with Regency ladies on it. :) I'm glad to hear you're on the mend!