Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tidying Up

This afternoon I tidied up the living room, entryway, dining area, and kitchen. They needed it. I have been sewing the past couple of days at the table and as a result there were little blue threads everywhere - the kind that especially love to stick to the back of favourite knitted sweaters. I swept the worn kitchen linoleum, careful to get under the cupboards and into the corners, I laid out a clean linen tablecloth and arranged a vase full of holly on top of the pure white cloth, and I dusted with my fancy feather duster. I put away all the odd spools of thread, gloves, empty boxes, scissors, sweaters, etc. that had wandered away from their proper homes over the past few days and took the little vacuum for a stroll over the living room area rug.

After I finished all the work I'd set out for today, I made a cup of tea in my nice clean pot, glad that everything was once again in very good order.

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